I need a career. My University career has failed me. The Government has failed me. Student Loans have failed me. You’re all ruthless, asshole liars for allowing me to go this far into debt without telling me that I’ll be screwed over financially after I graduate.

I don’t regret my English degree, nor my Diploma in Professional Writing. I regret the fact that no one told me the problems I would experience once I graduate. I regret the fact that I scour job search engines daily looking for jobs, and my best prospect is to be a customer service representative at Winners. I regret not working these past four years to pay off my debt.

Now I’ll have to pack up and go teach Korean kids because their public schools are the only places actually asking me to work there. I have recruitment agencies harrassing me daily for my application. It’s good to know I have to fly to the other end of the Earth to make use of my education and training.