I had to delete that last entry in lieu of me actually landing an amazing job. I laughed out loud when I read how bitter I was just a few weeks ago. Apparently, sometimes sending negative vibes out into the universe does wonderful things. I’m so fucking happy I could just die. But that would be sad… and ironic.

Actual quote:

“I anticipate leaving at the end of September, unless some other amazing job opportunity comes up. It won’t.”

I love my life. Things work out for me in the strangest circumstances. Who knew a person could actually get a career with a BA in English and a Diploma in Professional Writing? I can. Somebody up there loves me.

Anyway, I vow to update everyday with some random tidbit of information.

I lost my keys again. Truly the key gods hate me and are conspiring against me. They are trying to destroy my good luck. I can just picture them all plotting my demise. I lost my keys twice in CB, and had to pay $80 fines each time. Since then, I’ve lost my keys at least 50 times. Not a joke. They just disappear into the void of my life.

The whole situation has gotten ridiculous… just ask my roommates. I replace keys once a week. The other day, Jessica lost her keys so I let her borrow mine. I retrieved it before going out that night, but forgot to replace it on my keyring. Thus, when I took it out to unlock the door, it fell between the seat of my friend’s car and was lost forever. I need to attach them to a friggen baby or something.

Anyway, picked up some Backstreet Boy tickets today. I can’t wait to release all the built up tension of my inner twelve-year-old. I’m going to jump up and down, scream, cry, laugh, punch somebody, etc. I just hope the boys aren’t too fat to dance.