CubeMate and I tried a new restaurant/pub on Thursday, called YellowBelly Public House. There’s a micro-brewery located inside and we had been hearing fantastic things about the place, so we decided to check it out. The service was great, the place was extremely well decorated, and the food was…good. Well, I enjoyed it.

In fact, I ordered their Beer & Cheddar soup because it sounded so fascinating. I was torn between beer soup and seafood, then figured beer would be much more satisfying, especially on top of the pint of original YellowBelly pale ale on draught. I have the same fucking dilemma every time I go out somewhere to eat. I feel like I’m facing the most difficult decision in my life, much harder to deal with than things like puberty or which pair of pants to put on in the mornings. The soup had the consistency of chowder. The pale ale was fantastic. I was drunk. This seems to be a regular occurrence as of late.

The weekend was mildly tame, aside from me being overly intoxicated at Ani’s and Posh’s housewarming party. Drove out to Bay Bulls today in search of a festival that was never found, so instead we ate ice-cream at Berg’s in Mount Pearl. I think this store strongly rivals Moo-Moo’s. Successful day.