#1. People Who Capitalize Every Word in Every Sentence. Not only are you grammatically retarded, by why create the extra effort? Do you derive pleasure from this sort of activity, much like OCD toggle-typers?

#2. Sunglasses, kissy-faces, and random finger-signs in pictures of thirteen year olds.

#3. Photo album after photo album after photo album after photo album after photo album consisting entirely of photos of oneself. We all went through the self-absorbed preteen stage. Some people never grow out of it, and the rest get fat.

#5. Goth/emo kids. You are not being unique, nobody will ever take you seriously, and you look hideous.

#6. MUN’s Field House being intolerably hot ALL THE TIME. Like seriously, I don’t need to be blinded by sweat while I’m jogging around the track.