I vowed to write an entry everyday. Obviously, this has not been a successful endeavour. I’ve been Internet-less. However, the cosmos are balanced once again, so I can continue writing. In an attempt to keep up-to-date, I jotted down notes on Open Office, thinking I would finish this later. They went something like this:

August 12, 2008

I am sick of rain, fog, and the dreariness of St. John’s. My stomach is always empty. I dragged myself to the gym, but the track hurts my knees too much to jog. Also, there are too many people watching. I feel like their eyes are on me all the time, although I’m sure they could care less. Still, I feel awkward when I jog. I haven’t been the same since my mother told me that I run like a caribou, feet flailing lazily in a dull trot.

I want to buy a house. Well, I want to live in a loft apartment and rent out a downstairs area. I want ceiling to floor bookcases, two fluffy cats, a heavy portfolio of writing, and lots of nachos. These are the only material items I require.

August 14, 2008

Beer surprised me and Coke today with two tickets to see Avril Lavigne. I’m not a fan, but I wasn’t going to turn down a chance to watch a concert from a Molson suite.

My concert-going experience will never be the same again. I had no idea what I was in for. Plush couches, a fridge stocked with beer, a barbecue grill stuffed with chicken and other delectables, and the best view in the house. And everything was free. We sat above the crowd, gorging on food and making fun of the lowly vagrants below us, most of them children swinging their blinking glow sticks. Camera screens flickered.

With every beer, Avril’s songs became more and more appealing. Soon, I was singing along. The next thing I knew, I was standing along with all the other fans, clapping while trying to keep my beer in one hand.

When Coke and I went to a VIP bathroom, we suddenly heard a huge roar from the audience. Derrick from Sum 41 was on stage! Even staff were rushing to the boxes to catch a glimpse of the performance, which actually garnered more applause than all Avril’s combined. ****

I remember being half asleep when I wrote that last one. My eyes were actually closing.

I have no time to myself. This problem is largely due to a flaw in my personality. I am a “yes” woman. I have too many friends who love me deeply. My God, it’s a terrible curse to be popular.