Summer is for trying new things, and since summer is nearly over, a bunch of us decided to go horseback riding yesterday in Carbonear. Beer knows a guy who owns a ranch out there, so he invited us all out. Most of us being morbidly hungover (myself included), the thought of bouncing around on the back of the horse was sadistically pleasing.

After playing a round of mini-golf (unsuccessfully, because there was no carpet and the floors were all lopsided), the six of us were assigned our horses. Mine was a beauty named June, who dutifully followed the lead horse the whole time. We wound our way through the woods, waded through murky puddles, and ducked underneath bushes and trees. In the end, we came out on a cliff overlooking an incredible lake. The sheer expanse was amazing, and we were all immediately humbled. Hungover, pale, sickly, and humble.

I forgot what it was like to go horseback riding — I clung for dear life when we broke into a gallop. After awhile I tore my eyes away from the horse and the moving ground to enjoy the scenery of the trail. I believe nothing smells better than evergreens and fresh air, even mingled with the aroma of horse shit.

After our hour-long excursion, we headed to JagerBomb’s and Beer’s Uncle’s house for supper. Our visit was nearly unannounced, but we ended up having a huge feast of BBQ. The plate was still piled high with thick sausages, hamburgers and chicken by the time we left. Today, I can barely move. I am an aching pile of flesh. My back aches, my neck is stiff, and my butt feels bruised. June was definitely the largest thing I’ve ridden in awhile.