Agent-T and I went out for some Chess’s Fish & Chips tonight…she was horrified that I had never eaten there before. My meal was a delicious greasy mess of deep-fried cod with an extra-large side of fries and a mountain of dressing, gravy, and cheese. This is my fourth day eating out in a row… I can practically feel my chin sagging.

Anyway, the only qualm I had with the place was that it’s located in the sketchiest downtown area ever. We were trying to enjoy our meal when this drunken bum walked in, sat down with a large family, and generally harrassed them for a half hour. They seemed to know him though, and didn’t protest when he ordered a can of pop and declared that the waitress “put it on these people’s tab.” He was so loud and obnoxious that Agent-T and I kept getting distracted in the middle of our conversation. Our sentences trailed off and our forks paused midway to our mouths while we struggled to focus on the topic at hand, but inevitably just ended up staring out the window in a daze.

Safely back in her car, we decided to take a random excursion to Michael’s, the craft store (also a new experience for me). The prospect excited us so much that we squealed and clapped our hands and bounced up and down in our seats. I ran from aisle to aisle, playing with jewelry and rifling through stickers. Thumbing sketch-pads. I picked up some white oil paint for Dad, and two adorable little candles for myself. I wish I had the patience to knit..or scrapbook…or do something creative. I just keep buying adorable little trinkets, hoping to use them, but they always get stashed in a Lasenza box in my closet somewhere.