I will give you five cents if you can guess what I did today.

…I ate at the Guv’nor Inn with my Harlow buddy, SpaceCake. I really wanted the pea soup and dumplings, but settled for the taco salad because they were out of dumplings. How could I possibly eat pea soup without a dumpling? Intolerable. SpaceCake’s fish was tasteless and her dessert frozen, unfortunately.

Anyway, I hadn’t seen her in months so it was lovely. Funny how some people can go from sleeping practically side-by-side all summer to only talking on rare occassions. I must learn to juggle my friends better.

I walked home with my hands stuffed in my pockets because it is freezing outside already. I have a space heater next to my bed, I wear thick pajamas to bed AND socks…but nothing helps. Even at work I am always icy. There’s a space heater sitting on my desk and I usually have it cranked up high enough to roast marshmallows on the metal, but my fingers still feel like a dead person’s. I should move down south.

AND… there’s a rumour that tonight there will be snow.

Speaking of which, my company now has another office opening up in Europe. Maybe they’ll transfer me for the winter months.