Haha, so Paris Hilton has this wicked awesome new reality show called BFF. Basically she has a bunch of girls and two gender-confused guys competing to be her bestest friend in the whole world, awwww. The hilarious thing is that she gave everyone a makeover and effectively made each person less attractive than herself.

Pretty sure I’d jump on the opportunity to be Paris’s bff. Imagine… five star hotels, making out with celebrities, designer clothes… I’m practically swoooooning. Pick me pick me pick me.

I came home from work today and there was a big, fat, brown envelope waiting for me on the deep freeze. I opened it up, unfolded it delicately, and started gagging. The first line read:

“It is time to start repaying your student loans.”

The proceding letter was filled with interest rates and fancy words and confusing equations that I’ll never understand. Honestly, I need to be an accountant to understand this stuff.

I made tuna casserole tonight, it turned out fantastic despite me buying the wrong kind of noodles and frozen veggies. I am slowly expanding my culinary horizons. Maybe boys will like me.