I haven’t posted because I have been busy drinking my face off, destroying my liver, and not sleeping at all. Night after night after night I lay awake in bed watching the minutes tick by while my mind races with completely unimportant, trivial thoughts. What should I have for lunch?  Why is the sky blue?

I started designing my Halloween costume. The endeavour is a tedious one… I spent at least five hours last night sewing things to my shirt. Then I got distracted by Tila Tequila and it all went downhill from there.

My weekend was dull… I had fun at KJax’s housewarming party, but ended up not going downtown because I could barely keep my eyes open. Yet, I still didn’t sleep. Spent some quality time with Sis on Friday. Still didn’t sleep. I DID buy a new Canon digital camera though…

Last Friday night, Bob hosted a Shotluck. In very simple terms, everyone brought a different shot. When we ran out of something, we combined two types of alcohol and made our own shots. I did relatively well until just before I left the apartment, because I suddenly decided I wasn’t nearly drunk enough and shot off about ten shots in five seconds.

Black out. Complete, utter black out. I have no recollection of downtown, talking to people, or coming home. It was terrifying.

Then Saturday night, a bunch of us rented a party bus for Howie’s Birthday. I got obliterated once again, although not nearly as bad as the night before. I was having fun until some idiot at the bar said something to me that made me livid. Honestly, do not piss off a redhead. Fortunately, my emotions were subdued by beer… otherwise, it would have been messy. I very, very rarely get angry.

I am damned well sick of the opposite sex. I do not have the energy to expel emotions for any of them. Stop playing stupid games, stop being assholes, and learn some respect. Your male-sluttery is not amusing or cool, and I hope you get crabs.