I booked a week-long vacation tonight with Bob, Lottie, and Winehouse to the Mayan Rivieria in Mexico. I am beyond excited! We’re staying at the Bahia Principe Coba for a ridiculously good price. Five stars. Hell yeah, living it up in style with the all inclusive benefits… unlimited alcohol and food.

This is going to be quite the change from the dirty, crowded hostels I stayed in while in Europe. Although, to be honest, I didn’t mind those hostels one bit. I wish I had documented my summer abroad.

Anyway, it took us forever to make this decision. We were trying to arrange something agreeable for all of us… something with a great nightlife, something fancy. We were also trying to work it around Albertian traveling from Alberta, but she hasn’t exactly been confirmed for this trip yet. Anyway, we missed an excellent package at the Grand Occidental in the Dominican Republic, so decided to look elsewhere.

This one is actually more expensive, but looks incredible. I’ve been researching me arse off for the past two days trying to figure everything out. I’ve received nothing but positive feedback, although I’m told the resort is more of a family place. BUT i’m traveling with an excellent group, and we’re arranging an excursion to the Cancun. I am PARTYING in the CANCUN.

I’m unbelievably excited… I was nowhere near this excited for the Dominican. I’m going to arrange a trip to the ancient ruins of Tulum and Chichen Itza… maybe do some snorkeling. Ahh! I’m so glad we finally booked.

Beers, beaches, and barside pools. Sounds like a good vacation to me.