After an excursion to the gym last night, I decided to stop by the Dollarama to see what Christmas-y delights I could find.I found gorgeous shiny wrapping paper, sticky tags, gift boxes, and dozens of decorations. Tacky decorations. Red vinyl tablecloths covered in mistletoe, hollies, and ribbons. Silver tree garland. Red and gold ball ornaments, red bows. Heaven!

All I need to complete the scene is a bottle of Purity syrup.

I invited everyone over for some pink champagne and tree decorating. We made my most favorite chip dip in the world. We celebrated Sis’s Birthday. It was a fantastic evening, and the tree looks great… even if it is pretty thin and stands just under four feet.

It’s been a good week. I found out that I actually get an extra day at home for the holidays… about five days in total!

I’ve been going to Nubody’s this past week and loving it. Gonna get me arse in shape. Mexico won’t know what hit it.