I was invited to a Christmas party on Friday with Cubemate, her fiance and another friend. However, by the time Friday rolled around, I was starting to get extremely nervous about the fancy affair. I’m not classy, and this company has hundreds of employees.

So I leave work early to go home and get ready. I’m so nervous at this point that I start downing beers on an empty stomach. I was pretty buzzed by the time Cubemate picked me up.

The Delta is blocked with fancy business people holding their wine glasses with pinkies extended. When we’re finally seated for supper, the table is loaded with free bottles of wine. Shit. I’m already half-cut. I scarf down a garden salad, chicken and veggies, chocolate cake, and one bottle of wine. Everyone else is sober. I’m trying to keep my eyes from crossing or from tripping over my own feet as I head to the bathroom. I take tons of pointless pictures, including one of me in santa’s sled underneath the Christmas tree.

After being sufficiently drunk, I leave the party to go hang out with Avril and The Other Redhead. I finally convince Avril to go to a pub, so we meet up with my roommates at Shamrock City (great pub, good music, danced up a storm). Then we head to Club One and then I have a second meal at Jungle Jim’s. All over the place. Whew.

Last night I went to see Greener perform at Whalen’s Pub, a cozy little place on the edge of George Street. Everyone else was at the Sam Roberts concert, so I went with two of my older cousins. I had a GREAT time. Greener put on an amazing performance, the place was packed.

I drank about two buckets of beer so I was feeling pretty ballsy. I swooped in on two guys at a table and had an interesting conversation about careers. One of them worked at a mental asylum.

Anyway, fun night. No sleep. Time to get my life back on track.