Well, after an overwhelming two weeks of hangovers, failed staff Christmas parties, crying, backstabbing friends, and a maxed out credit card… I am finally back in the bay. Oh, the bay. Where dreams are squandered and excitement can only come in bottles.

Just kiddingggg… it’s not so bad. I look forward to pub parties and copious amounts of food. I was lonely in St. John’s for the past few days as all my roommates had left early for the holidays. Fortunately, The Other Redhead kept me company, as did Muffin. TOR stayed over for two nights. We stayed up late on Monday night, drinking bottles of champagne, watching the Planet Earth series, then discussing our incredulity about having real careers and the possibility of travel.  We also binged on chocolate pie and nachos. Great night! We briefly worried whether we would get fired from our fantastic careers the following morning when we showed up for work slightly dehydrated and tired.

Then Muffin arrived! I haven’t seen her in about eight months. The day before I left was madness, however. I had to pack, wrap presents, haul my ass to the gym, clean the house.

But, if there’s one valuable lesson I learned from the past week or so…it’s that I want my own apartment. Just me. Pronto.

Anyway! I drove to the bay yesterday, on Christmas Eve. By the time I arrived, it had started to snow softly and my heart was bursting. My Mother screamed at me for leaving one of Bro’s presents behind, but other than that, I’m happy. Jetson has even warmed up to me and sometimes will let me pet him.

Although I am outraged about the lack of Christmas programming on TV.

I received some sweet presents… lots of great books (The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, Three Cups of Tea, Elle), an erotic journal (much to the horror of Mother, who had purchased the journal for me without realizing the seductive quotes contained inside until she started reading them and began to blush), pajamas, socks, fantastic jewelry, two sweaters, some scarves, chocolates, a deluxe sewing kit (although I have no idea how to sew), some small things for Mexico (including a First-Aid Kit!), make-up, etc.

We had a fantastic supper… golden turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, veggies, red wine… I surprised my parents with their very own stocking filled with goodies. They were so happy… they never received a stocking before.  Now I’m struggling to stay awake over a coffee while the effects of the turkey kick in. Days without sleep: 4.

What would really make this Christmas outstanding? A Christmas bonus. Or a miracle. A miracle with a $1000 cheque.