I made it safely back to town, with little excitement in between. Feels weird to be back…I’m accustomed to weeks of vacation. The house is empty, except for Beer, who is packing up to move out. Boxes and bags are littering the downstairs area. We stayed up for hours and chatted. MUN was eerily deserted today as I walked through the University to reach the bus stop.

Oh, I lied. There was one event. One of my friends gave me an African jewelry box to bring back to town with me. Before she seated it on my lap, she showed me how sliding a panel of wood popped open the secret compartment. After she had left, I opened another secret compartment. I was greeted by a very strong whiff of ganja, and immediately slammed the drawer shut again. I’m too prude for this!

My only resolution is to “throw out the old,” which I’ve already begun…so I guess it’s not exactly a New Years Resolution. Last night I went into a cleaning frenzy, throwing out at least eight pairs of jeans (too faded, too short, too loose), six shirts (too clingy, too ugly), old pajamas, and most of my old, cheap jewelry. Then I tackled my little scrapbooking boxes, to no avail. I’m simply a pack-rat through and through.

 Nobody is here at work yet. I’m still dreaming of sugar plums and other Christmas things. What’s a sugar plum?