This is the first New Years Eve where I actually have “exciting” plans. I bought a $45 ticket to the Delta, a fancy hotel located downtown. I’ve spent entirely too much time there lately, with the CD release promo and the Johnson’s Christmas party.

I was hasty to find a place to bring in 2009 because the past few years have been horrible. Well, last year was okay, but I left the party early so I could drink hot whiskey with my Aunt and Uncle in hopes of nursing a cold. The year before that, my friends and I couldn’t find the right party and ended up bringing in the New Year from within a cab. Then I broke my friend’s camera and cried all the way home.

So this year, this year my friends, things are going to be different. Although they’re already off to a bad start, seeing as how I have nothing to wear and there’s a miserable blizzard occurring outside. I also know only three of the dozen or so people I am partying with. Should be interesting.

New Years kiss? Stay tuned.