I don’t know why I ever expect New Years Eve to be a hit. It never is. I would have had much more fun just sitting at home clipping my toenails and watching Family Guy reruns.

Then again, my attitude probably needed an adjustment. I just wasn’t in the mood for heavy drinking, although clearly my friends were. Muffin and  I met up with some old classmates for drinks at Ani’s and Posh’s place. A bunch of Ani’s friends were visiting from Cape Breton, so we had to show them how to party it up Newfie style.

Unfortunately, everyone was already blitzed beyond recognition. I downed a few beers (so classy, I know, especially with my incredibly tight black dress stretched across my food-baby), chugged off some champagne, and headed out.

The Delta was super fancy, as expected. My first annoyance occurred when I cashed in my ticket, and found myself paying for coat check. $50 tickets, and not even a free coat check?! We weren’t handed any party favours or appetizers, either. Pretty sure if there were food around I’d be much more happy.

Muffin and I half-heartedly shuffled around the dance floor to some big band music. Normally I don’t mind big-band, but last night I just wanted to bring in the New Year with a bang. Get it, bang?

Anyway, by the time the countdown started, Muffin and I were the only two seated while everyone else went wild and tossed things in the air and kissed. I kissed Muffin on the cheek. We blew sadly into our little horns. At 12:15, we grabbed the first cab home.

Seriously. Home, on New Years morning, at 12:30 a.m. I have never felt so pathetic, sitting there in my fancy dress and curly hair. All I could do was sulk about how much money I spent for nothing.

But it’s my own fault, I realize. My attitude needed to be adjusted, as did the numbers of beers I ingested. $5.25 for a beer? Yea right.

On the other hand, 2009 can only improve from here.