The weekend was fantastic. I accomplished so much. On Saturday morning, Muffin and I awoke bright and early to head to the mall for a day of shopping. Jagerbomb decided to join us, as did a handful of other people. Together, we formed that annoying preteen posse that always hangs out at the mall with really bad hair, converse sneakers, bangs that cover the eyes, and sweaters with skulls on them.

First, we had lunch at Cora’s, which is probably one of my most favorite activities in the world. I ordered the fruit crepe with custard. A mammoth of a crepe. We downed cup after cup after cup of coffee. After greasy sausages and yummy watermelon, we armed ourselves with our credit cards and headed out.

I dropped about $200 in five hours. I was on a mission, and nothing was going to stop me. A skirt for Mexico here, some new gym clothes there. I bought two sweaters, two skinny belts, a sparkly blue dress shirt, some faded denim skinny jeans, and a zip-up hoodie with one of those cool collars. I was going to opt for the $100 Bench zip-up, but I think some trends are meant to be bypassed. I’ve never seen a trend catch on so quickly in such a small city. It’s like malaria.

Jagerbomb and I cooked up a Greek pizza once we got home, and decided to wash it down with beer. Before long, we were hammered and squinting at the clock in disbelief as it read just 9:00 p.m. We went to see Greener’s performance at Whalen’s Pub again, which was fantastic as per usual.

But a few of us left early to go to a dance bar, since Muffin has a limited amount of time in town. We ended up at Dusk, the newest bar on George. It’s like stepping into a Las Vegas bar, minus good music or people. The bar has incredible potential, but we didn’t stay long seeing as how it was virtually empty. It’s also the kind of bar that judges people on their footwear.
Did I mention that I was wearing an incredibly scandalous, short black dress? With tall boots? Damn, skanky has its advantages downtown. Muffin, J-Nurse, Dinner and I eventually ended up at the Sundance. Dinner tried to force me to make a move on his friend. He was cute, but I demanded to be hit on first. I went home alone.

The last thing I remember is embracing Muffin and waltzing around the dancefloor of Club One. We were definitely a spectacle. Club One doesn’t deal well with young 20-somethings in skanky dresses.

I’m surprisingly not hungover today though, I think it has something to do with the greasy poutine I scarfed down last night. The roommates and I went into cleaning mode for a few hours, and the house is spotless. We then watched A Little Princess.
I stole a recipe from involving a bagel, tomato slices, cream cheese, basil flakes, salt and pepper. So yummy. I am a culinary explorer for sure.