The meat mystery turned out not to be a mystery at all, but an unfortunate incident involving Beer and forgotten moose meat. Yum. We found a steak hidden under the pillows later that day.

After work yesterday, I literally spent the entire evening watching movies and TVs. Myself and a few ladies went to see Seven Pounds, mostly because I feel that Will Smith is the love of my life. The movie was extremely good, but heartbreaking. I tried to hold in my tears until my eyeballs nearly exploded, but then I heard everyone else sniffling and snorting beside me, so I let loose too.

After the movie was over, I purchased a purple pair of open-toed shoes at Le Chateau to make myself feel better. It worked. I love how the purple accentuates my ankle veins.

Then, at home, I found myself watching The Women. It wasn’t bad, although suspiciously similar to Sex and the City…right down to the skanky blonde and the curly-haired sweetheart. Wtf.

Tonight I shall do something productive. Like laundry. Maybe a new recipe. Learn some Spanish phrases. Cerveza?