If at any time throughout the day you experience the uncontrollable urge to punch your fellow coworker in the vagina, go here instead:




I swear, some of those videos are so adorable I could just barf with the cuteness of it all.


Today was not particularly pleasant.  


Last night while vacuuming and simultaneously heating the North Pole – I mean “bedroom” – I blew a fuse. Somehow it screwed up my alarm clock, so I had to use my phone to set the alarm. Of course, at 3 a.m. I’m awoken by an incoming text message from a boy who’s obviously drunk and who obviously wants a piece of my ghetto booty. Or a couch to crash on, whatever. Then I receive another text from an equally drunk friend.


I ignore both, but I’m so distressed at this point it takes me hours to get back to sleep. The ONE night that I leave my phone on. Rfdj;akfjdakjf;a.


Then, this morning I overslept because apparently I didn’t set the alarm properly. I have to help Jagerbomb take out about three weeks of trash, but she isn’t awake so I do some of it myself. At some point, Bailey the foster dog has decided it would be a great idea to take a large dump in the garage, where the garbage bags are. My cute little uggs have seen better days. I smell funny.


Bailey is being adopted today, snatched up by a fortunate family for sure. What a cute, cuddly gas machine. Then I have a Girl Guides meeting. It’s becoming increasingly aware to me that I don’t like Guiding. I had a nightmare last night that I happily greeted all the girls and asked them about their Christmases, but some chose to ignore me and the others downright were mean to me. I am scarred for life.