I read 43 books last year, about seven books short of 2007’s list. I won’t bore you with my opinions on each one (plus I can’t remember most of them), but I will enlighten you with my personal favorites/hates.

Best Books

Angela’s Ashes – Frank McCourt

A Thousand Splendid Suns – Khaled Hosseini

The Birth House – Ami Mckay

The Navigator of New York – Wayne Johnston

Water For Elephants – Sara Gruen

A Year In Provence – Peter Mayle

The Book Of Negroes – Lawrence Hill

Not Wanted On The Voyage – Timothy Findley


Da Worstest

The Shack – William P Young

A Discovery Of Strangers – Rudy Wiebe

Twilight – Stephanie Meyer


Okay, so apparently I’m easy to please, although I’m the only person in the world who despised Twilight. I’m just going to put aside my pretentious English background for a moment and ignore the shitty writing, but the story was just awful. Gee, let’s just encourage preteens to ditch all their friends in favour of true love with dangerous men. Such a needy character. I hope the vampire dude beats her in the end.

I also read The Shack because of all the hype. I was expecting an enlightening read, and while I really agree with most of the theology being preached, the story was just boring as hell. Like dull as rocks. Rocks in a dessert.

For my favorites… The Navigator Of New York really affected me because I had spent some time researching Cook. To read a different (fictional) version of his life was distressing. Note to self: read more Johnston.

I literally finished Water For Elephants in one sitting — it was that enthralling. I was equally enraptured by The Book Of Negroes. The fact that Lawrence Hill can write so effectively from a female’s point of view is amazing.

But Not Wanted On The Voyage had an incredible, lasting effect on me. Book hangover. I can’t even really pinpoint the reason why… I don’t know of anyone else who enjoyed the book as much as I did. Perhaps it was the mix of drama and animals and religion. I don’t know. But I clearly remember that little chill that crept up my spine with the concluding sentence.

Moving on to 2009…more books, less movies, double the porn. Uhh…