Some days I dream about my own apartment… a quiet space that I can decorate with pretty candles, my father’s paintings, and fluffy pillows. Sometimes I get mad at myself for being so materialistic, but when I was a little girl I cut out clippings of furniture from catalogues so I could arrange them on blank pieces of paper like I was decorating my own house.

And then there are weekends when the drama at my current household is so out of control that I cannot help but think it’d be damned good writing material for a blog. It’s like Big Brother, all the time. Not like… throat-slitting, stab-you-in-the-back drama…more like make-out-with-all-of-your-best-friends/get-really-drunk drama.

I joined my writer friends on Friday night for drinks and appetizers at Montana’s, and then we headed to Greener’s show at Whiskey’s, formerly a sketchy bar for e-tards. The venue is still a little sleazy, but once again I had a blast, danced up a storm, and got drunk. Unintentionally.

Saturday, Albertian came to visit so the roommates and I hosted a small celebration. However, DirtySailor had neglected to tell us that the following day would be his birthday , so we doubled the celebration and ended up having a party. Said party took place mostly in my loft. My awesome shag carpet now has another dozen beer stains in addition to the dog shit stains and vomit stains. Best. Carpet. Ever.

Our new roommate, whom I will aptly name “Chef,” cooked us all an amazing supper of some German dish called Snitzel. Schnitzel? Whatever. It was incredible. We then got really drunk, had the police called on us, went dancing downtown, and came home and passed out. The house was in complete disarray, there were random people sleeping around the house and yet…I was totally happy. My body was screaming at me to stop inflicting such torture upon it, but seriously, when will I ever live in such a ridiculous household with four awesome people again?

Finally, Mother Nature has dumped a big pile of snow on the city. I feel somewhat relieved. Considering blizzards should have been a regular occurrence months ago, the feeling of impending doom has finally came and passed.