Logically, one would realize that going on a drinking bender the night before a Relay for Life event where one has to stay awake until 6 a.m. is probably a bad idea.

Logically, one would not wash down their measly grilled cheese sandwich supper with half a glass of straight Spiced Rum diluted with a bit of coffee and water (it was the only mix in the house).

But T-Nurse is leaving next week so we decided to celebrate her Birthday in advance. A few of us went to the Breezeway for some kinda beach party night, where I bought HUGE bottles of Corona (trying to build up some resistance before Mexico, eh). We were supposed to get lei’d, but didn’t. Fortunately there weren’t any 18 year old skanks running around in their bikinis as we were led to believe. I did feel about 40 years old though.

Then we went downtown to hit up Sundance and Dusk. REALLY enjoyed Dusk this time. I like purple lights. We got separated from DirtySailor and Chef, who went to Shamrock City where DirtySailor proceeded to pee on the front door in front of 20 other people because the bouncer wouldn’t let him in. We danced up a storm and I ran into an old classmate who twirled me around the floor and remarked several times on the “firmness” of my body and how fit I am. Well as if my swollen ego needed that! What a dear boy.

Anyway, Relay for Life is in three hours. We still have to pick up some decorations, junk food, sources of entertainment, etc. I think I’ll bring some board games. I’m actually pretty excited, it’s like a big sleepover with 100+ other people. The pool is going to be open and everything, unfortunately I have outgrown my bathing suit. Nice. Fun without booze – imagine that!