Tonight I am sitting in my pyjamas and watching LOST. I am eating French baguettes and blueberry jam. I am avoiding the raging blizzard outside, except for when I go to Posh’s to pick up J-Nurse’s stupid dress that I left there on New Years Eve.


Sixteen of us went out for supper last night to celebrate J-Nurse’s Birthday. I bought her the cutest little sugar and creamer set from Brittania Teas… I figured she could think about me while spooning sugar into her little cup. Aw. Lately I have taken an unnatural interest in dishes and oven mitts and teapots with floral print.



So we’re at the restaurant and it turns out the lady at the next table over is my third cousin from home.  Don’t ask how this discovery was made, because I don’t know. Linus tapped me on the shoulder and asked me about my family tree, then pointed me in the direction of a brunette with glasses, who turned out to have grandparents that live just down the road from my real home. Weird. Small world/gene pool.



Then, because Lottie and I had split a pitcher of booze, I convinced a bunch of us to head to Westside Charlie’s for a beer. I was trying to prolong saying good-bye to J-Nurse, but turns out she isn’t actually leaving until tomorrow. Aren’t I an arse? Anyway, it was still a lot of fun, but I am suffering and tired today.



Also, picked up an interesting new phrase from the boys: balls to the wall. What does this mean? Lottie said it had something to do with the controls of an airplane. I’m not convinced.



I know I’m Canadian and everything, but I honestly feel like Obama may change the world. He’s been in office for like, a week, and already he’s made nothing but make positive changes (except maybe threatening the Canadian automobile industry, but if it’s for the sake of the environment, I’m down with that). I get emotional whenever I read anything about him.


“I can’t deal with this fucking sober bullshit.” Me, at the Relay for Life