Today, while contemplating the white and lavender colour scheme of the bathroom in my future house, I was hit with an overwhelming bout of homesickness. I miss my parents and my little bro terribly. I miss my cozy, pink house. I miss pub parties and greasy food from Potsy’s.


I think I’m just in one of those ruts again where I need some excitement and the weather in St. John’s is gnawing on me bones. Hates it. I hate how I need entirely different wardrobes for every season… raincoats for spring/fall, dressy jackets for all-season, ridiculous ski parkas for winter… shorts, tank-tops, waterproof boots, scarves, mitts, hats, sunglasses. Then there’s gym clothes. I just never have enough. My parents are giving me money for some joggers though. Still suckling at the teat, it seems.


I have absolutely nothing interesting to write about because I’ve been working flat out hardcore all the time at it. Tomorrow, I will complete my FIRST full document after working with the company for nearly seven bloody months. Sad, yet glorious. All I want to do is crash and I can’t seem to sleep, there are always interruptions. I had every intention of crawling into bed at 11:30 last night, but I had to wait for J-Nurse to drop by. She didn’t show up until close to 12:30 a.m., and I literally sat on the couch periodically expressing noises of exasperation while pulling out my hair. By the time we said our good-byes, I climbed into bed and only had a few seconds to cry about it before I zonked out.


Everyone is moving on. For the most part, I’m content where I am. But the other day a weird feeling overcame me as I wondered where I would be in ten years…chances are my friends will be married with children and I’ll still be out partying, or drinking alone ‘cos frankly, who wants to party with a loner 32 year old? Maybe I’ll start wearing leopard-skin tank-tops and hit on young men at the Sundance. Seriously though, what will I do?


Check out the link. Epitomizes da bay. Loves it. Although generally I’m led to believe that bay-wops are better than townies ‘cos they knows der tools. My dad is my own personal favourite lumberjack. By the time he was 19, he had explored most of the terrain around the town by wandering and sleeping on random beaches, etc. He also raised two pet snowy owls. Now seriously, where can you find a man like that?

This is my mess at work. Notice the clementine placed strategically on my notebook to represent "still life."

This is my mess at work. Notice the clementine placed strategically on my notebook to represent "still life."