Fuck, now I remember why Molson Canadian is the devil and I should only ever drink light beer. Ever have one of those nights where you get completely blitzed but everyone else is not even marginally as drunk, and then the next day they tell you all this stupid shit you did and you can’t recall anything? Those suck.



I remember Greener dropping me off at my place after his show… apparently Lottie met me at the door, DirtySailor had to help me upstairs, and they lingered around in my bedroom until I told them to leave and “take that annoying dog with you.” What a bitch I am! I also danced obnoxiously in front of Beer’s and Jagerbomb’s parents, hit up a Texan man for a drink, and projectile vomited all over the place the following afternoon. Aren’t I the fucking picture of perfection?



Last night I went out for supper with the writer girls at Tangled Up in Blue. LOVE the style of that place, it’s beautiful. They had a “Recession Special” where I ordered a three course meal for $20. Not baaaad. Then we high-tailed it back to Ani’s place to watch some moviez. They drank wine, I drank tea. Seriously. The world is UPSIDE DOWN and I am dangling by a thread.



We watched a pretty interesting documentary called Religulous. It was hysterical. Basically the narrator travels to a bunch of places and quizzes everybody from average citizens to senior priests at the Vatican about religion… and not just Christians… Muslims, Scientologists, Jews, etc. His conclusion is that the world cannot function in peace until all religion ceases to exist.



Fine, whatever. I’m not a totally religious person. I was raised an Anglican, attended a Catholic school, and generally went to church about three times. But I’ve never met anybody corrupted by religion. In fact, all the religious people I know are extremely kind, warm, open-minded people.



And that’s my biggest beef with religion bashers. They criticize religion for its intolerance and narrow-minded views, but aren’t they being intolerant and narrow-minded themselves? If someone changes their life for the better because of religion, who’s to say that’s a bad thing?  Holy hypocrisy.



Then there’s groups like God Hate Fag. If somebody nuked their little organization, I’d be okay with that.



What do I think? I don’t have a fucking clue. I believe in something. I just haven’t figured it all out yet. But the thought of death being just a black void is more terrifying than anything in the world to me, so if I need religion to ease the fear while I’m living, it doesn’t matter when I’m gone anyway.