When I was leaving the gym on Friday, I recognized one of the douchebags I had a brief encounter with this summer standing at the main entrance (impossible to miss with those ears waving at me like beacons) . There was NO ONE around, and I had no way of avoiding him. He looked up at me and glanced away quickly, I’m not sure if he recognized me. So anyway, there was nothing to do except wave at him and say “hey.” At the same time we both blurted out something indistinguishable. I think I said something like, “SMALL WORLD!” in a really high-pitch, giddy tone, which makes NO SENSE whatsoever. None. What does that have to do with ANYTHING? I’m an ass.



Yesterday was lovely. I cleaned the house top to bottom, watched TV, and read all day. Note to self: just because you’re gymming it up, doesn’t mean you can eat all the creampuffs in the world. Fatass.