Dear Diary,


Today I have nothing to say.


(Seriously, I used to write that in my journal when I was a kid. Ironic. Isn’t this saying something?)


Our cable has been down for two days, and I’ve had the most productive two nights of writing in my LIFE. I even watched some Planet Earth, and cried a little when a fox ate a baby goose. Then I saw a herd of lions take down an elephant, which was pretty awesome because I like big cats.


Anyway, now I can get back to real life, like television. LOST comes on tonight. I just want this show to END so I can know wtf is going on. I swear, if the series finale isn’t absolutely mind-blowing, I am going to lose my SHIT.


Maybe I’ll go read a book or something. Yeah. I’m alarmed about all this free time. It’s making me nervous.