The Newfoundland Liquor Corporation is hosting Beerfest next month.


Fucking a. Truly the gods have heard my prayers and have answered generously. Today the sky cracked open and the angels sang with the holy, heavenly praise from above. The light shone down on St. John’s and with it brought the glory of beer. Beer for all. Beer for the masses. Beer for the poor, the weak, the hungry, the sober.



Hell ya!



It’s like Spiritfest, but for ME. Spiritfest is this amazing event held by the NLC every year at the Convention Centre. Everyone gets super dressed up and goes from booth to booth sampling all the free drinks for two hours until everyone gets super smash face loaded drunk. It’s always an incredibly fun, drunken affair, with music and appetizers and liquor, oh my!



So this is the “beer spin” on the occasion… 40 different types of beer in a “beer garden” environment. I am so there. SO there. In line up three hours before opening. Carrying a funnel. I hope it’s not classy. Most perfect setting for me EVER.



My trip to Ottawa was approved today!!!!! I am loving life!!!!!! Look out Ottawa!!!! I can’t wait to eat some beaver tails!!!! The pastry, not the anatomical part of our national emblem!!!!!!!