I just paid off most of my bills and have about $200 left over. Holy Gezus. That amount doesn’t include groceries but I can probably push that off until my next pay cheque so that I can finally do some shopping for my Mexican trip. AIYIEYIEYIE!

Also, I’m considering getting some spa treatment. My back has been acting up like a major bitch because I have this annoying habit of slouching all the time or leaning in to examine things on my computer screen.



This package is ideal.




On the other hand, I can’t justify that purchase. I still need joggers and booties and bikinis and some sundresses and new make-up. So perhaps I should just opt for the back massage, yes?



The past few days I have been overcome with spending frenzy. I loathe everything I own. I already went through this a few months ago when I tossed out half of my closet and a bunch of junk besides, but now I just want new things. I’d like to win $1000 just to do some shopping, but in reality I’d probably have to drop it on my line of credit. Take care of responsibilities first, right? Seriously though, this obsession is driving me nuts. I resent the fact that I can’t buy anything, and I know I must keep my upcoming trips in mind too.



But I’ve literally spent hours scouring affordable clothing sites online and adding things to my basket and then attempting to make the purchase but then I’m overcome in overwhelming guilt. Stupid shipping fees. Shopping online just makes so much sense though… I’m sick of the stores around here. The mall literally repeats the same stores over and over and over again. You get the same kids wearing converse sneakers with horrible hoodies and purple dye in their hair.



Then I’m overcome with the desire to decorate. I’m so incredibly restless. I need to buy a new bed, and this is an expenditure I most definitely have to make. I’m thinking I can forfeit the fancy frames in favour of a DIY project like this.


I fucking love it, and I could probably manage doing this without stapling my face to something.



In conclusion, I have a shopping list a mile long and it also includes ‘Lil Bro’s Birthday gift. I nearly died today when I realized he’s turning 17 on the 22nd. HE’S ALMOST AN ADULT. WE’RE ON THE SAME WAVE.


In other news, I’ve been plagued by nausea all day long, and I have a kegger at K-Jax’s house to go tonight. I figured I should explore outside my usual circle of friends in an attempt to seduce somebody. Anybody.  I’d joke about morning sickness right now but that would just be misleading.