School never imposed the kind of stress on me that I feel with my financial duties. I realize this is partially my own fault as I am paying out $600 a month in student loans in an effort to get out of this debt shithole (“Shithole” is not underlined in red in Microsoft Word, apparently it’s a real word?). But the urgency I feel when assessing my finances is overwhelming. I wish all my time away waiting for pay cheques. It is consuming.



I was so happy today when I checked my account and thought I had about $300 left to pick up some groceries, buy my bus pass, perhaps pick up a bikini, etc. Etc. Then Mom tells me that she accidently paid $200 on my credit card back in January, so I owe her $200. In a matter of hours I effectively put myself behind at least $400. I’ve been literally moping around in my room ever since, drinking tea and listening to old mixed CDs. I absolutely hate the fact that I have a good job, and still I am barely keeping my head above water.



Plus I fucking need to go tanning. I’m so much hotter when tanned. Well, fractionally hotter. Okay, marginally.



We also didn’t get the house. I went to check it out today with TOR and we were blown away by it. It was absolutely perfect; I could have definitely lived there for years. Bright colours, an open deck, JET-TUB. Pets allowed. We fell in love with it. Unfortunately, we were fifteen minutes too late and the couple ahead of me took it. Dirty conniving fuckers…two people for a three bedroom house? They’re only going to use one of three bedrooms. I wish I had been there when they showed up so I could turn to the boyfriend and be like, “Hey, YOU! From George Street! You gave me the best night of my life!” Then I’d thrust my pelvis at him suggestively.



I fail at everything.



Expecting a blizzard of epic proportions tomorrow. My boss already told me I could stay home and work in my pyjamas. Somewhere among writing Quick Reference Guides I intend to build a snow fort. Or do some laundry.