Signed my name to that lease today. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM.


Happier than a pig in shit.


Got my table centerpieces all picked out and everything. Perhaps a tea tray with a complete tea set from Brittania. Or my wicked awesome chalice overflowing with pearls and rose petals. Oh the possibilities!!

TOR and I came back to the apartment and drew straws for the loft bedroom – I lost. Sad… but not THAT sad. I have a really big, bright yellow bedroom with a window overlooking The Narrows, and a huge, ancient brick fireplace. The landlord told us that when he renovated and tore down the walls, he found newspaper from the 1800s, and old brick iron, and a metal thing used to tie on horses. The rest of the house is a cacophony of bright blue and yellow, pretty chandeliers, and old ceilings. And besides, at least my bedroom is close to the bathroom in case I need to pee in the middle of the night. I mean, when it really all comes down to it, being close to the bathroom is really more important than all that spare space, loft ceilings and all the privacy in the world.


However, I am agonizing over not being able to own a pet. Or to be precise, being able to own a pet but not really being able ‘cos everyone in the damned world is allergic to cats. Consequently, I’ve been researching the Siberian breed, because they’re apparently hypoallergenic. A breeder told me she could send me a piece of fabric rubbed with the cat’s fur to see if Chef will have a reaction. If all goes well, I could purchase a kitty. For $1000.


I have issues with breeding, particularly dog breeding. I understand the fascination with beautiful dogs that serve specific purposes (i.e. sledding), and I’m fascinated with Alaskan Malamutes myself, but it just seems incredibly wrong to spend thousands of dollars on an expensive animal when there are hundreds upon hundreds that need rescuing in shelters. I find something cruel about showcasing dogs and selling them out based on their appearance and statistics. Would you hand-pick your children if you could?


So is a $1000 kitten worth it?