There’s been a delay in good literature because I fucked up my sleep pattern once again and still can’t functiontoday despite sleeping for 9 hours last night. My throat is tingly and eyes feel tight. I even missed one work-out at the gym.


The weekend was incredibly fun. I had initially planned to just go out on Saturday night, but decided to forfeit the grocery shopping in favour of beerz. Now I have nothing left to eat besides Weight Watchers bread, which I bought because it was on sale and like a fool believed it would be good. The slices are SO THIN that I cannot even spread jam on them…they just crumble. They’re not healthy at all, just like… so thin that calories cannot exist.



So TOR, her friend and I went downtown. I decided to put on the confidence front and flaunt it like I was all dat and boy did I ever get hit on. At Lottie’s, the Sundance, Whiskey’s. Yeah, so what if they were mostly fat and skeety, I even found a phone number in my phone the next day from a guy named Eric. Unfortunately, I was too plastered to enter the number correctly and ended up putting it in a text message instead. And also, he was a skeetbag and probably eighteen.



Saturday was much the same, except I went to Big Ben’s for some jugs of crack-draught with the roomies. Anyway, we drank Rickard’s White which is REALLY GOOD but I forgot that I can’t handle non-light beer anymore. Then we went to see Greener’s show at Whiskey’s and had a really good time. I continued to shamelessly hit on boys and woke up on Saturday to some friend requests on my Facebook. Yessss.



Nothing will ever develop from these things though because I have the uncanny ability to be a boy. All of the boys in my life are the kinda people that I could climb into bed with naked and nothing would ever happen. I mean, J-Nurse trusts me so much with her BF (and rightfully so, cos I don’t date blondes) that she suggested he could stay with me over winter break while she was out of town. I’m pretty sure I could talk about my flatulence and burp loudly around these boys and it just would not matter. What’s up with that?