Victoria’s Secret is telling me that I’m horribly disproportioned with my A-Cup “titties” and giant hips. Either that or I’m measuring myself wrong. Mexico is less than TWO MONTHS away and I don’t have anything bought for it yet, so I’m considering online shopping. Hopefully by the time it arrives I’ll have tanned a little.



I took a sick day today because my throat has swelled enormously. I slept for eleven hours last night, no joke. I hope I’m okay tomorrow though because a) I can’t spend another day online/watching TV and b) I already screwed up my gym routine.



I’m having one of those weird, emotional fuckery days. I logged onto my Facebook to find myself tagged in yet another one of those cartoon “Friends” images. So far I’m a lazy airhead with bad memory. Jagerbomb was the only person to tag me with something positive. I know it’s all silly and just a way of teasing me, but at the time I had snot rolling down my chin and I kept coughing spittle onto my laptop so it really got to me (P.S. that didn’t actually happen).



But what DOES get to me is how everyone accuses me of being lazy…I think it’s happened at least three times in the past two weeks. I’m sure it mostly stems from the fact that I cannot STAND being outside in the freezing winter, because I assure you I would gladly spend all my time outdoors in the spring and summer. But where did this fucking idea come from? First of all, I work 9 to 5. I wake up at 7, catch the bus at 8, and get home by 6, IF I don’t go to the gym. That’s about an hour and a half in transit, never mind the full work day.



But ANYWAY, after most work days, I’m at the gym until 6:30 so I don’t make it home until 7 p.m. Thursday, the night I DON’T go to the gym, I’m at Girl Guides until 8:30 p.m, trying to keep myself from having a nervous breakdown while 25 screaming girls run circles around my haggard body. Generally, the only time I’m actually without something to do is the weekend, and that’s just because I’m too hungover to fucking function.



Sorry. Bad week. A good friend from home is in the hospital after receiving a liver transplant and things are not going well. Tension is high. Facebook statuses are riddled with “Praying for you buddy!” and the like (including mine, I admit). I feel mostly that Facebook is an inappropriate outlet for grief, however. If I ever pass away and someone creates a group saying “RIP,” I will come back and haunt the SHIT out of you for not having the respect to spell out “Rest in Peace.”



But I do hope my friend is okay. He’s been a fixture in my life for a long time, and a very good friend with a heart of gold. On top of that, ‘Lil Bro was sent to the hospital today after an excruciating night of muscle spasms. Mom said he was vomiting from the pain and such. He’s on muscle relaxants and painkillers right now. I’m not sure of the whole story because my parents haven’t slept in two days and I didn’t want to harass them. Fortunately, it seems to have nothing to do with his new epilepsy meds. I’ve been in mild panic all day because the only thing I heard was that he was being sent to Grand Falls on an ambulance and my Dad was following. Good job calling your daughter with some updates for real!!!!!!



I have song obsession again….Regina Spektor’s “On the Radio” is causing me much distress.