At Guides tonight, the head leader announced that we will be having our sleepover on the 21st of March. My immediate reaction was to mentally run down through my list of planned social activities for the next month while frantically thinking up an excuse not to be there. Unfortunately, the 21st seems to be the only night I DON’T have anything planned, at all. On other days, there’s a friend’s Birthday, Let’s Rock Poverty fundraising, possible Heavenly Creatures fundraising, Beerfest, moving day, etc. Thus my Saturday will be dedicated to adolescent girls whom all dislike me which may or may not have something to do with me still not knowing most of their names.


I brought the wrong lunch to work today. I hauled the tupperware container out of my purse and noticed that the contents inside were indeed not the shape of a peanut-butter-banana sandwich. I opened it to find a bunch of rotten pineapple chunks instead. You’d think I’d notice the weight difference, eh?


I worked out SO HARD at the gym yesterday that I effectively sweated off my mascara. Now before you get your dr’ars in a knot, I don’t typically wear make-up to the gym. I always scrub my face beforehand and I don’t care how much I sweat, but I absolutely REFUSE to go out in public without mascara. I have become so attached to this type of make-up that it’s really just a part of my face now. Trust me, you do NOT want to witness a redhead not wearing mascara. My hair blends in with my face and I look so washed-out that it’s like I’ve been injecting heroin into my veins for the past five years.


I finished reading Greg Mortenson’s Three Cups of Tea today and it was probably one of the most incredible, inspiring stories I have ever read. Mortenson is a man of miracles for sure, and his work is nothing short of epic. I’d like to think I’m always open-minded about other cultures, but this book offered me a whole new perspective on the Muslim world in the Middle East. Mortenson’s philosophy, in my opinion, is the only right philosophy: education can save the world and prevent terrorism, not warfare. I’m sharing this book with everyone, because I think this idea needs to be spread.