For some reason, these past few days I have found myself washed up in pure delirium for no particular reason whatsoever. I feel proud for the sudden control of my finances, my career, my life. I feel detached from all the scummy men out there. I feel adrift but surrounded by incredible people. My social life rocks. My world is filled with rainbows and butterflies and leprechauns dancing around giant red mushrooms. And no, I’m not high. Perhaps my regular gym routine has something to do with it.

Although the weigh scales there are seriously fucking with my head…telling me I gained 6 lbs one day and lost 12 the next day. Obvsly not calibrated properly. Get your shit together, Nubody’s staff.

Went out for supper for Blondie’s birthday tonight. I ordered some jambalaya, it was delish. First I went to the gym and worked my buns off, but I keep getting really bad shin splits and I could barely walk after a 20 minute jog. It SUCKS because last week I was up to 25 and jogging over 2.1 miles. My whole body is aching. Then I had to find Ani’s house from Water Street, which SHOULDN’T be difficult except Ms. Candice here gotta make a mountain out of a mole hill and wander all over downtown St. John’s and effectively turn a 5 minute walk into a 20 minute walk. Ani gave me very specific instructions on the phone but I got distracted by a bum yelling at me and waving a cup of coins in front of my nose.

Ani and her roommate also gave me a ton of clothes to take to Mexico with me, so now I am sufficiently enrobed for the occassion. A little bit of slutty, a little bit of classy, a little bit of sporty. Pretty sundresses and short shorts. Not nearly enough push-up bra though, unlike my incredible bikinis from Victoria’s Secret. I don’t even care if they charged me an extra like, $50 for taxes, I’m gonna order another one of those babies. They make my chest look smokin’. Anyway, while twirling around my room in brightly coloured patterns, my recent delirium set in again and I didn’t even mind my roommates’ endless conversations about their bodily excretions and Party Marty Poopy Dick (but that’s another story).