If you would like a summary of my St. Paddy’s Day weekend, please refer to the following googly-eye photo.


I wonder why I’m single? Honestly?


I had a blast though, what with the binge drinking and all. I went to Blondie’s birthday party on Friday night with a bunch of peeps and made some new friends. I ran into an old friend from home who proceeded to push cake in my face and then lick it off. In front of everyone. I overheard a guy talking to another one afterward, saying, “Dude, you should have seen it…that girl licked cake off of the other girl’s face.”


Then I was told that I’m actually a strawberry blonde instead of a redhead, which did not go over well let me tell you.


I love St. Paddy’s Day, it allows me to embrace my Irish roots. I just took a quiz on Facebook that told me I should live in Ireland. Clearly!


We went to The Dock that night, where the Navigators were playing. It was a fucking blast, I never realized how cool that pub is. I also never realized how much I freakin’ love Irish music, but I want to go there EVERY WEEKEND for the rest of my LIFE.


I ran into Greener, my cousin and some of their friends and headed back to Whiskey’s where I finally met the owner of the bar. We discussed the Heavenly Creatures fundraiser, and I may or may not have flirted with him. He may or may not have reciprocated. Anyway, I’m so professional. Totally got us a gig though. Stay tuned for detailz.


(I love how my friends and I have our own little spot now. We end up staying at Whiskey’s until 5 a.m. every evening, long after the bars are closed.)


Saturday, Chef and Hickman bought a ton of food and we all split the expenses to kick-start our Irish festivities. We went to see Greener perform at Big Ben’s, then headed back to our house for some drinks, then headed to a sketchy party, then headed to Republic, then headed to Whiskey’s. Wow, that’s a lot of heading. Nothing exceptional happened but I did have an awesome time with my super cool friends.


My skin is flaking big time from seven minutes of tanning, it’s pretty gross. I’m just a big flake. Flake flake flake. If I ever go missing, send out some search dogs and I’ll leave them a nice big trail.


How about some more cuteness for you there now the once ? This is Nay’s baby, and I adore her. I may have to take care of her over the summer, and then I may invest in my very own pet rat.