Two short reviews here. My reviews are short because I have the attention span of a turnip and I usually forget books as soon as I have read them.


Eat, Pray, Love


I finally finished Eat Love Pray by Elizabeth Gilbert. I hated Gilbert at first…she struck me as whiney, insecure and needy. Actually, mostly she struck me as ungrateful because she went through a divorce and decided to travel abroad to “find” herself, and never once acknowledged the magnitude of being wealthy and able to embark on such a journey.


But then as the story went on, I fell in love with her. Well, not her, cos I’m not a lesbian. Her character I guess. Anyway, she’s hilarious and I love the characters she encountered. I wonder if any of her story is fabricated? Seems like it almost worked out too good to be true… I mean, she was commissioned to do the book before she left, so she had to find a fabulous ending, right? There’s no pictures of her lover anywhere on her website.


You know what? Fuck it. I like happy endings. This book is pretty bumpin’.



The Law of Dreams


The Law of Dreams by Peter Behren is heavy, man. Life burns hot is the main character Fergus’s mantra throughout the story. The book takes place in the 1800s during Ireland’s potato famine. Fergus’s family starves to death while being shut-out by their employers and Fergus is the only survivor. He then starts a journey from Ireland to England, and then from England to Canada. Sex, gory murders and disgusting plagues…Behren covers all these things.


Loved this book though, took me a surprisingly short time to read all 400 pages. Seemed like an appropriate read for St. Patrick’s Day. Yay, Ireland. I love how being Irish is “fashionable” now, while throughout the story Fergus faced ridiculous racism for his roots.