I went to Musique Non Stop last night with Blondie and Caper and two other guys. I thought maybe it was going to be a sketchy party at first, since it was held at Distortions and the whole theme was like…indie dance music. But I actually had an amazing time, got unreasonably wasted, and smashed a beer bottle on the floor.


Then I braved the storm and waded through snow banks to meet up with Sister and Strickl at Whalen’s Pub. By then the tequila had me in its dirty grip and I could barely talk sensibly.


I love how the next morning after a big drunk, I have to scroll through my text messages to figure out what happened. Greener and I had a convo that went something like this:

Me: Wnaddup?

Greener:  Hi! Are you dt?

Me: Whats up!!! Yes and i am drunk

Greener: oh dear. Where to?

Me:  Whew 993930300

Greener: Wha?

Me: Oops. Whgalen’s!




I need some kinda breathalyzer on my phone to keep me from doing ridiculous things. Last night I was very tempted to Facebook some guys and seduce them. Fortunately common sense prevailed.


Sleepover WAS cancelled. Fmylife. Last night we had a ridiculous combination of snow and rain, so today when I walked outside all the trees were glimmering and sparkling. It was pretty awesome, despite the plight of the trees. Wow, that sounds like a new book or something. The Plight of the Trees. Coming to a bookstore near you, the evergreen tree embarks on a dangerous journey of endurance and self-discovery while withstanding the elements.


I need a life. And new reading material. And a hot boyfriend with a sexy car.