The grand packing-to-move-into-a-house-that-isn’t-a-slum misadventure has begun. Who wants to sell me some furniture? Help me pack? Help me move? Raise my firstborn? No?


Mom, Dad and Lil Bro came over after supper to help shove a few things in some boxes. I realized that my aspirations of owning an epic library someday is proving to be a nuisance, as my books have already taken up the majority of my packing materials. But I will NOT give up my books.  


Also tossed some kitchen stuff into a giant Tupperware container and realized how little I have. I need a frying pan, a baking dish, a giant garbage can, tons of small Tupperware containers, some sharp knives, etc…in addition to a dining room table, coffee and end tables, a nightstand. I hate packing…it makes me realize how much I hate everything I own. Maybe I should stop buying everything on sale?