Check it my new gear for Beerfest. Classy enough?



I decided not to go with the dress thing after all, as the general consensus seems to be “t-shirt and jeans” or “plaid shirt and straw hat” (overheard by Jagerbomb). So I thought this was a good compromise.


Do I have style? I’m a little unsure. I need to stop spending money. The purse was a necessity because I ripped the lining out of my giant one and it began smelling like funky gym socks anyway. This one has a little owl attached, which might be my new favourite animal next to cats and wolves.


How do I prevent my ass from continuously burning in the tanning bed? I have like, a giant red welt on my left cheek. It’s kinda itchy. Is this the beginning of skin cancer? It’s causing me a little distress.


I hit up the gym after work today, then went straight to the mall, then came home and had supper at 10 p.m. This evening was the first time I have ever observed myself beneath fluorescent lights in a dressing room and was pleased with the definition of my arms.


Lottie: “My hips get all squished together in those high skirts.”
Me: “I want to go to Orlando.”
Jagerbomb: “I like food.”

(20 second interval)

Lottie: “It’s good to know we all listen to each other’s needs.”