TWO WORDS away from completing this stupid crossword puzzle. Goddammit. What’s a 4-letter Archaic word for one’s fate or destiny, begins with “d” and ends with “e”? Or an indefinitely huge number, 3 letters, ends in “ac”? OR a four letter word for “move to one side”?


I feel sickly again…great. The most perfect weekend EVER, when I’ll be nursing a Beerfest hangover, beating my roommates to mop the floors and scrub the walls, and packing things into huge boxes which I stole from work. Cubemate almost toppled a box of packing peanuts on me which would have made this the best day EVER. I scratched my head just then and a packing peanut fell out of my hair. Either that or it was a really large flake of dandruff with Styrofoam consistency.


I’ll be staying in tomorrow night though; I need a sober evening so I can get up and go to the gym. Oh the duties of adulthood. But there’s a Diamond Party at the university bar as a part of Sex Week, and I’d like to go test my lucky streak on winning a fancy diamond (which I’d sell immediately) or some spa packages. It’s Girls Only. Could be interesting.