Hangover city prevented me from doing much today, besides eating some yummy Mongolian stir-fry, greasy chips, and watching silly movies. I can feel my eyes closing as I write this.




Last night’s NLC Beerfest was hands down one of the most fun nights I’ve had in months. Holy balls. I think the worst part of the night was waiting outside in line-up for like, five million years, but even the tedium of that activity was lifted by the idiot who tried climbing out of their car into traffic and got the rear-view mirror smashed off by a passing vehicle. I think all 200 people in line-up witnessed the event, and I’m pretty sure everyone guffawed loudly.


So inside there were a lot of beers I drink on a daily basis, like Canadian and Coors. But then there were other booths displaying beers I’ve never tried before, like Irish ales and interesting brews from the Quidi Vidi Brewery. One beer was called “Cranberry Cloud.” However, at some point my interest in drinking new beers wavered in favour of just getting super smash face loaded. Which I did, rather successfully.


The whole place was decked out pretty cool. There was tons of food, and little picnic tables near the stage so people could chill out like in a beer garden. We paused and took five kajillion trillion pictures of ourselves (see below). Some old men hit on us, including one man who stared so hard at Bandaid’s boobs that he dropped his beer glass and it splattered everywhere and caused a scene.


We revisited the Strongbow booth so often that Lottie learned the server’s name, and he then gave her a t-shirt because she was his favourite customer. My buddy Beer also popped up and gave us all full-sized drinks of MGD, which is also delish. Other than that I can’t remember a whole lot, except we stole some stickers, stuck them to our breasts, and Caper and I practiced “nipple high fives.”


Oh yeah, at one point, I ran into my friend’s boyfriend and he casually put his arm around me. So I reciprocated the friendly gesture, but when I went to put my arm around his waist, I accidently punched a server in the head. Smooooth…like ex-lax.


I’m too tired to function. Eyes are closing. I just went to the bathroom and realized I have chocolate all over my face and pyjama pants. So I’m sitting here at 11:53 pm on a Saturday night, sober, covered in chocolate. Is this really my life? Is it?


Dressed up to get MESSED up.



The beginning of the picnic-table photo shoot.







Not gonna lie, this picture is only here because I like my back profile. Peace out.