Bahaha, I love how genuinely enthusiastic my Mother is.



Mom says:

how are u today? excited about moving! I wish i was young and pretty and moving into a new place!


So wistful. I miss my family a lot.


Today marks a significant milestone in my life. I am leaving behind the slums of college days, and moving into a mature apartment. I feel incredibly sad about it, actually. The year at 239 has been a blast. Often I would wake up during any morning of the week to find a new body sleeping on the couch in the living room…sometimes two bodies. Sometimes I didn’t know who they were, and sometimes neither did anybody else.


We had barbecues and an enormously successful kegger. We had the cops called on us several times. The booze flowed freely and our time spent with Beer the Molson representative meant free access to all the major events, including box passes to concerts like Avril Lavigne and OLP. We drove around in the Molson van all summer and ate at Boston Pizza at least a dozen times. We owned more mongrels than we could count.


I’ve had my entire room flipped upside down, my ass slapped from forty different angles, and my va-j-j referred to as a piece of rental property. I’ve seen various lovers and multitudes of skanks come and go. At one point, there were SEVEN of us under one roof.


I’ve had a terrific mesh of roommates. Despite Chef and DirtySailor being complete strangers when they moved in, we bonded within minutes. And we didn’t even sleep together.


Jagerbomb, you’ve been like a sister to me and you’re one of the most loyal friends I know. You’ve put up with a lot of shit from me, including drunken shit and boy shit, and I appreciate it. If ever you need a bed to crash or a bitch to slap, I’ll be there. *chokes back sobs*


I’ll be without Internet for a day or two, so I apologize to my two sole followers.