I cannot tell you how much I freaking love this house. I am home.


Saturday, the three of us dropped about $600 on household items. Most of it was stuff we actually NEEDED, but Chef did buy a large barbecue and all the accessories. Him and Hickman spent several hours assembling it today, and then we barbecued some giant sausages and had hot dogs. I love sausage. Mmm, sausage.


Yesterday, after the shopping was done, we decided to host an epic feast for Hickman and DirtySailor since they helped us move/drove us around. We picked up a shitload of groceries and let Chef work his magic. So while TOR and I assembled the futon (after trying THREE TIMES already) and moved around things, the boys began making supper. In this household, we believe in equality.


Supper took four hours. We actually did not sit down to eat until 12 a.m. By then, I was completely shitfaced because I drank a six-pack of non-light beer, and there was a party in full-swing at our place (well, by party I mean10 people). And since we have no table, we had to spread everything out on the floor to eat. I don’t even know what I ate, all I remember is spicy Italian sausage quiche. Again with the sausage. At some point, the alcohol seized my brain and I lost all recollection of the remainder of the evening.







I went to Whiskey’s with the gang to see Greener’s band’s debut performance. Crashing Carmine is their name. It was fantastic, I think. I had a blast, I think. I did dance a lot and drink a lot because Beer was there and he enjoys shoving Molson Canadian down my throat. Jagerbomb’s Dad was also there again to witness my ridiculousness, but hopefully I was smooth. I didn’t vomit anywhere, at least.


I enjoyed WALKING HOME from George Street. My God, I fucking love living here. Love love love it. Sketchy neighbours aside.