I’m really happy, and I don’t know why. It’s like I’m high. My hair is pretty and my body feels firm. Everything is equally aligned in the universe. I’m radiating.

I have nothing to do in the evenings, so I think I’m just going to start going to the gym all the time. Why not? Even for a quick work-out. I like this “new” me.  I’ve been eating a ridiculous amount of chocolate and candy per day but somehow lost 9 lbs. That’s not really my goal, but hey, whatever works.

I went to a Ballistic clearance sale today in search of summer clothes. I ended up buying a Burton long-sleeved shirt, a hoodie, and some sweet wedge sandals. None of these things are typically my style because I’m not a skeety skater, but I need a hoodie for walks and sandals for Mexico…although they match nothing I own. Well, why don’t I just show you?

I’ve never heard of this brand before,  We are the Superlative Conspiracy. Some new label with the intention of inventing “street fashion” as opposed to “streetwear.” I have no idea what that means, nor do I care, because I saved at least $150 on this purchase which came to only $50.

I can’t really decide who the sucker in this situation is…the designer label whose designs are now being worn by a complete unstreet-worthy girl, or me for being seduced by a sale and buying things I never really needed in the first place. Oh well, at least I’m happy.

Researching the hell out of buying an Alaskan Malamute puppy at the end of the summer. I’ve even been watching The Dog Whisperer, which is super cheesy but really makes me excited about raising a pup. The only thing stopping me is the fact that Malamutes are incredibly intelligent animals and are not easily trainable, and well…I just suck in general.

Isn’t everything better in Japanese?