Plus Albertian is here, and we’ve been keeping each other company. TWO DAYS UNTIL MEXICO. I’m going to record all the finite details and splash them all out here when I’m back.


Great weekend… I went to Ani’s house with every intention of not drinking on Friday night. I didn’t bring booze or any money .The next thing I knew, her friend who was visiting from Ottawa handed me a very strong pear martini and a rum and coke.


We went to Christian’s pub to get her screeched in, which was absolutely hilarious and very entertaining. I’m a Newfie and I still didn’t understand about 90% of what the host was saying (which is not a peccadillo to me). But anyway, they got paddled, ate bologna, shot some screech and are now officially Newfies. Now when someone asks them if they’re from Newfoundland, they’re supposed to respond with: “‘Deed I is, me ‘ol cock! And long may your jib draw.” Some poor feller from Saskatchewan just couldn’t keep up with the event, and we found out the other participant was “Tim’s brother” from Cape Breton. Small world (who’s Tim?).


The next evening, the ladies and I celebrated Bob’s birthday by hitting up a sketch party where the house smelled like marijuana and the main source of entertainment was a wild game of caps. We then hit up Trapper John’s to see Greener’s performance, and I downed an entire platter of nachos at Jungle Jim’s. AWESOME. Fatty.


Anyway, I am exhausted and I still have not finished all my shopping. I need a waterproof camera case and some new contacts, since the idiots at my optometrist’s office screwed up the order. I haven’t slept in three days because I’m getting used to sharing my space with Albertian.


Last night Chef had a bunch of people over and they didn’t leave the house until 1. Then an hour later I’m awakened by the sound of the door shutting, loud whispers and frantic conversation. “Lock the door! Turn of the lights! Don’t let them see us! SHITTTT!” So I laid in bed for at least another two hours freaking out and thinking oh my GODDDD they’ve pissed off our ghetto neighbourhood and now they’re coming to stab us!! Turns out the boys were being chased by the police cos one of the drunken idiots tossed a couch into the street and the police saw them. I was actually relieved to hear this, which makes me realize how ghetto my neighbourhood really is.


Anyway, barbecue tonight, some packing and laundry. I don’t know how I’m going to get through this week of work.

Weekend shots. And more new clothes. Deal.