I don’t mean to be invidious, but I have been informed that once I return from Mexico, my company is sending me to Brittany, France to spend some time with the engineers there. Could be a week or two, ‘majine dat!


The whole situation is terrifying/thrilling/nauseating all at once, so I’m not quite sure how to feel.



– I’ll finally get most (or all) of my project completed (the one I’ve been working on for TEN MONTHS)


-I’ll develop a good relationship with the Frenchies, possibly meet my soulmate and live forever in France drinking wine and making babies


-I can meet up with MsWorld and arrange a rendezvous in Paris, check out the Louvre and Eiffel tower, drink wine, find my soulmate, make babies


-I will get the independent travel experience I need to launch my travel writing dreams


-All expenses paid, hells yeah




-I speak minimal French


-the engineers hate my guts


-I’m not a size zero


-I have never travelled alone before


-I lack most social skills required to develop the aforementioned relationship with my coworkers, and will spend most of the time gesticulating wildly to explain I NEED A STRONG DRINK


So. There you have it. I find the fact that I will be meeting some of my coworkers for the first time more nerve-wracking than the actual travelling alone part. I mean, I’ll be in Paris…I’ll be content just to sit in my hotel room sipping spirits and eating pain du chocolat.


My God, I love my life. Mexico in the morning, one week of beaches, drinks, snorkelling, drinks, dolphin swimming, drinks and relaxation! And drinks. Quit complaining, liver…you’re just as replaceable as everything else dear in my life.