I have been home since Thursday evening, but I am in too much of a vacation slump to update. You know how most people come back from vacation all invigorated, happy, and smiley? Well, I come back from vacation depressed, dejected, and overly nostalgic.


I had an incredible trip, and waking up in the dreariness of St. John’s after one week of pure paradise is terrible. I don’t want to crawl out of bed. I feel like I hate this city, which is ridiculous because I am the biggest Newfoundland supporter in the world. Most times all I can do is rave about my city. It doesn’t even matter that I have other wonderful things to look forward to, like France and Ottawa.


I am also aware of the fact that my vacation was a resort vacation, and if I ever chose to live in the tropics it would be an entirely different experience. I’m a tyro of Mexican history/culture/life, and I know that most of it does not involve sandy beaches, first class service and pure relaxation, but I can’t help but miss it all.


I’d do anything to go back and be tanned and freckled and happy! My freckles are literally occupying two-thirds of my face. It’s incredible.


And I’m sure these feelings will disperse eventually (I still haven’t cut off my resort bracelet), but all the hype about the swine flu is not making things easier. In Mexico it wasn’t a big deal… here I’m afraid to tell anyone I just returned from the Riviera Maya because they back away from me or crack a joke. I should be basking in the afterglow of vacation and bragging about it, but I cannot even return to work until the incubation period is over and I’m fine. I’m totally cool with this, I don’t mind sitting at home doing work in my pajamas and watching The View.


Also, it tears me apart to hear that racism towards Mexicans is on the rise since the swine flu came into the media’s focus. The girls and I all agreed that we never once felt threatened or insecure while in Mexico. The people were amazing (I know a lot of them have to be in order to gain tips), and I don’t think we met any unpleasant locals at all. Except for maybe the unhappiest dancers in the world performing at a buffet in a small Mayan village. Whatever. Small potatoes.


But anyway, I have daily updates to post within the next few days, so stay tuned! Best vacation everrrrrrr.