France is lovely. Travelling alone was actually my favorite part of the trip, until I got off the train station in Lorient and could no longer read the signs. I have a fantastic little apartment overlooking Larmor-Plage. So far I have not done much besides work. Everything is an ordeal because nobody speaks English here (or I guess it’s an ordeal because I don’t speak French). I took a big swig out of my “milk” carton  tonight to discover that the contents were actually some kind of sour creme liquid. Worst. Thing. Ever.

Anyway, two of my coworkers took me to the beach after work this evening and I watched them surf for awhile. It was nice to see the countryside. I’m told that I must try it as well, although I don’t trust my swimming skills. Tomorrow I’m being taken around the coast. One of the guys is going out of his way to help me out, I might want to make out with him. It’s a good thing I’m so awkward all the time, otherwise I would not be so used to being embarrassed all the time. It doesn’t help that 99% of my coworkers are men, and very attractive men at that.

I’m too tired to update with details. Au revoir.